Open Forum: Gov. Newsom, our kids depend on after-school programs

San Francisco Chronicle | By Myrna Melgar

A participant in an after-school program holds up arithmetic flashcards during the after-school program.

When Gavin Newsom took office as governor, advocates for children and families were optimistic.

Our optimism, however, was dampened once we saw his budget. While it expands access to community college and preschool, it left out a key campaign promise and priority he championed as mayor of San Francisco: after-school programs.

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Planning Commission gets 2 new members, but it wasn’t easy

San Francisco Chronicle | By J.K. Dineen

David Campos, Aaron Peskin, and Cindy Wu cheer on the local elected officials he's affiliated with at  the Jane Kim election night party at Oasis in San Francisco, Calif. on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

It took a while, but San Francisco finally has a new Planning Commission. And it’s going to look a lot like the old Planning Commission.

After several weeks during which a series of prospective candidates said “no thanks” to the nearly irresistible offer of sitting through 10-hour meetings and getting beat up by the public on a weekly basis, two new commissioners have agreed to join the panel.

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Myrna Melgar for District 7 Supervisor

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