The Westside of San Francisco is a vibrant, diverse and beautiful place that has been home to multiple generations of residents while also welcoming newcomers. It is imperative that the Westside respond to regional housing and transportation pressures with resident- and community-led planning for our future. As Supervisor, I will work hard to:

  • Continue and expand the participatory budgeting efforts of President Yee to support community leadership in tackling and solving neighborhood issues.
  • Work with the planning department and MTA to produce a plan for development and preservation of our neighborhoods, prioritizing their unique architecture and character.
  • Support, protect and develop assistance for our small neighborhood businesses. The rise of Amazon and other delivery services has drastically changed the landscape for our small businesses. I will work hard to advocate for and give a voice to our small business community, to prioritize a streamlined permit process for opening new businesses, and to support businesses facing displacement.

Myrna Melgar for District 7 Supervisor

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