Ranked Choice Voting

District 7 residents have multiple choices in electing their next Supervisor. Keep reading to learn more about Ranked Choice Voting works. 

What is Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)?

Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference and eliminates the need to conduct separate runoff elections. To learn more, please visit the SF Department of Election's website.

How do I mark my ballot?

For contests that use ranked-choice voting, the names of candidates are listed in rows on the left side of a grid. Numbered rankings appear in the top row. To mark your ballot, fill in the ovals from left to right: 

  • In the first column for your first choice.
  • In the second column for your second choice.                   
  • In the third column for your third choice, and so on.

Voters can rank many or as few candidates as they like within all available candidates in a given contest. Ranking a particular candidate more than once does not benefit the candidate. If a voter ranks a single candidate as the first, second, third choice, and so on, it is the same as leaving the second, third choice, and so on, blank.

This November, vote to rebuild our country and our community. Vote Myrna Melgar for Supervisor. 

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