The pandemic has exacerbated the homelessness crisis sweeping our City.  Our current situation is unsafe for the people forced to live on the streets and untenable for the neighbors and businesses nearby.  We need to change the way we approach this epidemic -- from earlier intervention to faster solutions.  As Supervisor, I will:

  • Fast-track shelter and housing - Create more housing opportunities and shelters to move homeless people off the street and get them the support and care they need.
  • Expand mental health services - Increase mental health support and services for all San Franciscans, so we can prevent unwell people from losing their homes and provide medical support to homeless San Franciscans who need it.
  • Prevent displacement -  Prioritize the needs of our neighborhood's families and seniors struggling with housing insecurity by ensuring rents are kept affordable, and by expanding access to resources and support.



Myrna Melgar for Supervisor

For A Better Westside