Myrna Melgar is an urban planner, economic development expert and dedicated public servant with the experience to deliver real results for the Westside. Keep reading to learn more about Myrna's plans for District 7.


For the past 10 years in San Francisco, eight jobs have been created for every housing unit built. This has led to a severe housing shortage, particularly for middle- and working-class people.

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Our standing as a regional center of business has stressed a transportation infrastructure already facing challenges leaving Westside residents stranded by a public transit system that can’t meet our needs.

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Public Safety and Livability

Safe, walkable and clean spaces are key to living in a world-class city like San Francisco. Ensuring our community is safe, our streets clean and our parks well maintained will be one of my top priorities.

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Small Businesses 

The increasing costs of doing business in San Francisco has displaced many Westside small businesses and neighborhood restaurants, which have been the entry into the middle class for so many.

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The pandemic has exacerbated the homelessness crisis sweeping our City.  Our current situation is unsafe for the people forced to live on the streets and untenable for the neighbors and businesses nearby. 

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Supervisor Myrna Melgar

A Champion for the Westside

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