For the past 10 years in San Francisco, eight jobs have been created for every housing unit built. This has led to a severe housing shortage, particularly for middle- and working-class people.

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Residents of the Westside are often left stranded by a public transit system that can’t meet our needs.

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Public Safety and Livability

Safe, walkable and clean spaces are an essential component of livability in a world-class city like San Francisco.

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The Westside of San Francisco is a vibrant, diverse and beautiful place that has been home to multiple generations of residents while also welcoming newcomers.

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Serving in government, in any capacity, is a privilege and a public trust. In an era when our faith in government is seriously eroded, including at the highest levels, it is particularly vital that every representative and public servant maintain the highest ethical standards.

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Myrna Melgar for District 7 Supervisor

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