For the past 10 years in San Francisco, eight jobs have been created for every housing unit built. This has led to a severe housing shortage, particularly for middle and working-class people. As Supervisor, I will: 

  • Build affordable housing and create new programs to produce starter homes for families in the Westside. I will work with the Planning and Building Inspection Departments to ensure that the Westside community is included in the participatory planning and vetting of streamlined solutions to accelerate housing production along transit corridors.
  • Create financing to support first-time homeownership for teachers, firefighters, nurses and working families.
  • Fast-track solutions for our unhoused neighbors. I will work with city departments to prioritize the needs of our neighborhood's families and seniors struggling with housing insecurity, crafting solutions that tackle the unique obstacles to development on the Westside, and expediting and expanding housing opportunities at every income level.
  • Create more housing opportunities for seniors, including the development of programs to allow our neighbors to age in place comfortably, surrounded by community support.
  • Encourage accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by providing logistical and permitting support to residents seeking to add them to their property, and work with the Department of Building Inspection to fast-track approval.

Myrna Melgar for District 7 Supervisor

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