Public Safety and Livability

Safe, walkable and clean spaces are an essential component of livability in a world-class city like San Francisco. The hospitality industry is one of our City’s largest employers, and our standing as an international tourist destination must be preserved and supported. Ensuring clean and accessible public toilets, well-lit streets and open spaces, and public safety services that improve the comfort and security of our residents are a basic function of government and will be my priority. As Supervisor, I will:

  • Prioritize funding for public safety and comfort, including an increase in the number of public toilets, in street cleaning, and in the availability of public garbage receptacles in commercial corridors.
  • Collaborate and develop creative interagency solutions for public safety and comfort with other agencies, such as BART and MTA.
  • Support and fund agencies working to create safer, crime-free communities for your vulnerable young, elderly and disabled populations.
  • Support efforts of the police and District Attorney to reduce crimes and lower recidivism, particularly by investing in early intervention programs.

Myrna Melgar for District 7 Supervisor

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